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Journal Entries for June 2010

June 1- Three jogs to Marble Hill in 6 days, that's a 7.5km loop. Thank goodness it's up hill only one way.

June 2Just got back from my run and waiting for my energy levels to kick in - hehe.

June 6Ha ha ha, I love having jelly wobbly legs after a run ... is that weird ?!?

June 8I'm off to run.

June 10  ... drawes the line at heading out in the rain to go running. If it starts while I'm on route, that's OK.  Considering staying dry and settling for 1hr of lounge room dancing - hehe.

June 11Said with all the intensity and enthusiasm of Meg Ryan … “Yes, yes, yes…” Hahaha, I am so happy - can you tell - I CONQUERED the hill this morning! The squeals of delight and much dancing continue...

June 12Running in low cloud this morning was so exciting! Visibility was about 15 meters.

June 14Leaving for my run under the veil of darkness, for the last couple of mornings, has been invigoratingly cold and enjoyable. On my homeward journey the trees are mere silhouettes as the sun's raze slowly emerge. A stunning sight indeed and a wonderful way to start the day ... thank you universe!

June 17It was very black this morning when leaving for my run so I grabbed my miner’s torch. That solved the visuals but by the time I got to the bus shelter on top of THE hill I was wet. My choices either go back home and not run to Marble Hill or continue to my destination. Either way I was going to get soaked...

June 19 - It was so foggy this morning I almost missed my turn off. Could have ended up at Newton. 

June 20My daily 7.5km RunLoop is working well for me ... out the door about 5.45am back just before 7am. On my return it was just light enough to see our kangaroos.

June 21 - Ooo lala, I saw the city light this morning, first time for nearly a week. They've been hiding under the opaque covers of fog.

June 23This was awesome ... I've been finishing off my RunLoop by detouring to our shed where I have my home gym thingy set up. This morning while 'Doing my Stuff' a kangaroo hopped past and stopped, he thought he was out of sight - hehe. He looked back at watched me for about 15 seconds before moving on. So neat!!

June 25 - I could have used a buoy this morning ... on my run ... after the rains during the night.

June 29 - Through rain, fog, mist and dizzle, my daily 7.5km RunLoop is continual.. Ok, it rhymed better in my head.

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