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Journal Entries for July 2010

July 2 - On my run this morning a pushy came up behind me and as he passed said in a deep voice "Good morning", so I would like to pass that greeting onto my friends this morning and wish you all a great day whatever that means to you :)

July 5 - I now run at 5am in the mornngs, just love arriving home as DAWN BREAKS.

July 7 - Only10 metres visibility, due to fog, was the best on this morning’s run. After that everything was opaque. Even the moon struggled to put out anything more than a soft glow ... wonderful :)

July 10 - The elements of wind and rain accompanied me on my run this morning. With the additions of my miner’s light and hooded rain-coat I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it immensely satisfying. Crazy huh :/

July 16 - I met 3 pushies at Marble Hill this morning taking a breather :)

July 20 - A pushie (bike) pasted me the morning. Hehe it was neat, besides hearing the tyre noise, pretty much all I could see was the glow from the lights ... yep foggy again :)

July 22 - Good morning treasured friends. Coming back from my run this morning, for about 7 meters a very young Joey and I were keeping pace. He/she was less than 2 meters to the side of me. There was a wire strand fence between us but it was such a magical experience!

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