April, 2011

Journal Entries
April 2
Run done, Prunning done, Domestics enough done - lol ...
Got the house to myself for a bit so I'm heading to bed with my Lappy and a Hottie, sshhh!!! ;)

April 4
It's 4.55am, time to feed the endorphin junkie.  Wishing everyone a great day ♥ x :)

April 6
Is a happy grateful Hedonist Pagan ... could be due to Energy from the New Moon, the Stunning Starry Sky this morning or the Natural High from the run.dorphins or 101 other reasons.  Life is good!!! Hugs and Kisses all ‘round. Happy Hump Day friends :D

April 8
Warning Warning Will Robinson <waving uncontrolable robot arms> Any warmer at 5am and I could be tempted to run in the buff - lol.  O man, talk about Hot and Sweaty ... what happen to the cool mornings :/

April 12
Thighs, abs, bi and tri twitching...
Love working out under the stars with Bryan Adams on the back lawn - lol - Omg, didn't realise typing on the 'puter took sooo much effort ... sore, and muscles wobbly but it feels so good!

April 13
Don’t you just hate it when ...
you’re running along early in the morning, minding your own business, listening to LOUD music and a Blackberry reaches out and grabs you on the arm. Then you have to stop and pull the thorns out ... geeze they're rude.

April 16
What a tease! … no, not me.
In my pre- dawn WorkOut sky this morning, the stars were playing Hide and Seek with the low clouds - fun. But the grand finale was the chorus of happy Kookaburras. Have an enjoyable weekend friends :) x

April 20
Oh man, Working out under the satrs this morning ...
May have over done it -lol. Single leg lifts, lunges and squats for about 35mins. I'm sure in about an hour it will be a nice memory but currently sore and wobbly :/

April 25
I was running under yet another beautiful, clear, starry sky this morning at 5am. Haven’t seen any push bikers for a week or two, nor kangaroos for that matter ... No, no, I’m sure they’re not related - hehe.  PS Please spare a thought for the ANZACs today x ♥

April 30
Enjoyed a 12km TrailRun in the hills with a couple of school friends from yesteryear. Was absolutely wonderful, thanks guys. A long soak in the bath and then curling up with a book and a Hottie sounds good to me :)

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