August, 2011

Journal Entries
August 1
I'd like to think that I whipped TuffleDog's ass with my 10 SteepHillSprints this morning. Because on reaching to top of my last one, I flopped on the ground and watched him walk it ... But in reallity, he may have just been feeling sorry for beating me the other nine - the ba$tard!
22 August

Wonderful clear skies as I headed out at 5am this morning, with the light of the moon and stars luminating the valley. Took a new Beaut Route. It took 3.15hr, but I did take my camera with me :)

24 August
Considering getting up earlier than 5am for my 21km, at least until Daylight Saving kicks in. Not used to seeing my track so clearly before the half way mark. The payoff was that I did See a group of 4 Joeys and 3 big Roos :)

25 August
May be walking funny today. 300 squats Tues, then 300 more yesterday despite running up hill and down dale that morning and then another 300 this morning with weights, 100 with a pair of 5kg dumbbells, 100 with a pair of 4kgs and 100 with a pair of 2kgs. Why?!? Hmm, I could be asking that very question a bit later today - lol. Sore but in a GOOD way ;)
26 August4.30am seems TheBest time for my 21kms. Any earlier at this stage would make the Root and Rocky track that follows Third Falls just plan dangerous. Happy day everyone :)

28 AugustSo it's about 5.20am and I'm 6km into my 21km run this morning, enjoying that euphoric state - lol - and ahead of me taking up nearly half the track is this rectangle object with a post holding it up at either end. When I'm 1.5 meters away I realize it's a horse with it's blankey on. Hope the GG found it's way home :/

29 August
Day 7 of 300 squats and dripping with Brian Adams, aint all bad - lol.

31 August
After running 7.3kms this morning I connected to the Yurrebilla Track at the intersection of Chapman & Moores, and followed the Yurre to the end at Gorge Road. Absolutely loved it! Was a bit of an anti-climax through because I had to turn around and run back to Montacute Road. Think, altogether, I covered close to 30km. Man, was my bath calling me or what - lol.
Photos for the month are comming - lol - as soon as the internet decides to PlayNice and upload faster than a snail on crutches - grrr!

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