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Journal Entries for December, 2010

December 9
... rode Vladamir to and from the gym this morning. A great way to ELECTRIC START the day. I thoroughly ENJOYed it - hehe, getit getit - my Motor Bike is christened Vladimir has an electric start and the I rode it to the Gym Club calld Enjoy Fitness.

December 14
Riding Vladimir to and from the gym is just as exciting and ENJOYable as the Body Pump workout. Oh man, I love it ;)

December 19
Yep, definitely the WET TEE SHIRT look on my run this morning ... nothing that a warm shower can't fix.

December 24
Enjoying a bowl of freshly picked CHERRIES after my run. Oh yes, life is good. Have a good and safe day, one and all xox

December 26
Ran at 5am and have done minimal domestics. Meh, the garden can wait. I'm sneaking back to bed with a HOTTIE and a GOOD book for a bit :)

December 27
Met Kanga and Roo on the run this morning and wished them a Happy New year. 

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