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Journal Entries for February, 2011

February 2
5am run - done and a 6.30am Fang - done. Now taking 2 of my handsome sons to the airport for their Japan trip. As a mum, what they get up to is something I don't want to know. Just come back safe & virus free ;)

February 6
... went for my run at 4.20am this morning, dopey perhaps BUT refreshingly cool :)

February 7
... just got back from SHAKING my BOOTY at the GYM with my first ever Zumba class. Back at the GYM in the morning for 6am Body Pump. Yeah, I can understand gym junkies :D

February 12
... is off to ENJOY to get HOT'n'SWEATY with a bunch of other like minded people ... la pant, la puff, la pant, la puff :)

February 14
... so last night I had my first every RUNNING DREAM. Hmmm am I over doing it :/

February 20
A BIG plus for a FULL MOON ... I actually SEE the kangaroos at 5am on the track.  G'morning people hope you have something EXTRA SPECIAL lined up for today :D

February 25
As well as my normal run, I did the SPRINTwalkSPRINTwalkSPRINT thing up the BIG hill this morning ..o..m..g..!  I did feel GOOD afterwards though :)

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