July, 2011

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July 2
10 SteepHill Sprints on a Saturday makes one Stuffed yet Satisfied :)
{started from the red bucket}

July 4
I admit ... I'm a 5am rundorphin junkie. Happy Monday peeps :)

July 5 ... finds it a bit of an challenge not to do the Bambi in the Headlights pose in the beams of the approaching cars - you know, make big eyes and raise arms in a frightened way. OK, maybe it's just me -lol.

July 7
Oh man, almost Froze My Tips Off on this mornings run! I may need to wear gloves WITH fingers.

July 8

'tis my rest day from running this morning so I decided to do 20min of HighIntensIntervalTraining out in my studio. To put it mildly, I'm STUFFED! So much for a rest day .

July 9
5am, wearing High Heels insead of Runners and off to airport to pick-up my Well Traveled middle son.  Don't worry legs, I have SteepHill Sprints in mind for you when I return bbbbwwwwwhhhhaaaa :)

July 10
12.5km run done & pets fed ... I think it is only fair and reasonable go back to bed with a couple of Hotties and my lappy at 7.15am :)

July 11

20min HIIT followed by 3km cool down walk ... I'm sure my body will appreciate it once it stops wobbling - lol. I did come within meters of a small Joey on 'Kangaroo Corner' on the track which was sweet :)

July 12

My 5am running companions, Stars and Moon, piked it this morning. They stayed uner their Duvet of clouds :)

July 14

Left the front door step at 4.40am this morning for my self-indulgent run. The star studded sky was almost clear of cloud, and the way the moonlight subtly lit up the valley was truly gorgeous. And watching a possum scamper up a tree was simply fun. Running this early is definitely on the Favourite Things I Love To Do In The Early AM On My Own list :)

July 16
Running Bare with gloves up and over BlackHill by moonlight ... wonderful,
it's so worth getting up early!!! :)

July 18
I added an extra 3km to my Base Traning run this morning and am amazed that it only took 15min longer! Talk about Blood Sweat and Tears - well actually no Blood or Tears, just oodles of the other :)

July 20
Hot, sweaty and endorphined, a Great way to start the day - lol

July 21
Just comleted 10x SteepHillSprints. Had plans on doing some stationary weights straight after ... well that never happened - I think the word for today is STUFFED. I'll do some Freeweight when I stop shaking. Hehehe it's such a great feeling, really :)

July 21
I've s t r e t c h e d my recovery from earlier sprints as far as I can. Now time to shift my toosh and do some domestics. Well ... maybe, after a Hottie :)

July 22

feels only Half Baked having run 7km this morning instead of my current 15km - wierd eh!?! I'm running a 16km in the morning with other Like Mindeds - learning part of the Yurrebilli 56km track :)

July 23

Who would have thought that a French Roll would have stayed in tack after a 16km run ... I'm impressed :)

July 25
No stars, no moon and no city lights this morning on my run. Just low cloud and light drizzle and my maths error. Hmm ran 4km longer than I intended. Almost calls for a long BubbleBath soaking ;)

July 26

It's official, my legs are mush. After 10x SteepHillSprints, is that all I get? ... No because after I've stopped dripping and showered etc my reward is a Great Sense of Achievement. Happy day friends :)

July 27, 2011
 Is so grateful that home for me is down hill. It makes it so much easier for Tired Run Legs.

July 27
Had a training session on the Santos Track doing sprints etc. Who would have thought, but those tracks are quite spongy - lol.

July 27
More than running advice ...
You were in a relationship with running. A love/hate relationship. Running kicks you out of a warm and cosy bed into a cold hard world. Running calls you at all hours of the night. Running gets you up at the crack of dawn and keeps you at practice long after play has left the building. Every day with running is a question of your commitment. And running’s not afraid to ask. It is a constant balance, a balance between joy and pain, work and play, a balance between love and hate. ~ NB {borrowed it from the I <3 to Run}

Magical and Mystical, my kind of morning :)

July 29
Just had a Bad Dream - lol. Dreamt I slept in 'til 7.45am and had to go running in sunlight ... weird eh.

July 31

One of the Joys of Running, has to be stopping :)

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