June, 2011

Journal Entries
June 1
The Kookaburras were in fine form this morning, chuckling away as the stars faded.  Note to self ... When you have finished WorkingOut with dumbells UP the hill, make sure you put them down on FLAT ground ... enough said :/

June 2
Don't ya just love a guy who brings you home a new pair of Gel Runners.

June 4
... Running Bare ... Exhausted ... Liquorice Root ... Cosy Fire ...

June 5
Buns Burning ... Muscles Mushy ... Skin Shiny and Stars Shooting.  Just lurve Pre-Dawn WorkOuts.

June 6
Enjoying a Hottie after my run ... you know I mean a cuppa right?!?

June 7
Watching “My Patch of the Sky” this morning
Shooting Stars: 2, Satellites: 6
A Universe Production
Ok, you had to be there ;)

June 9
WooHoo, just Three more nights sleeps until the Pleasure and Pain thing, - ala Sea to Summit ... Actually it is probably more like Pain, Tired and Very Sore first then the Pleasure bit kicks in - lol

June 10
Handcuffed [firuatively] to the bed this morning so I wouldn’t go for my early run. Got a Biggy coming up on Sunday and was advised to take give my legs a rest.

June 13
Event day ... Sea to Summit Trail [32km]

June 14
So I wake at 2.15am, spend a penny then wander outside to check on the moon as a good Pagan would. I return to the room with the three snorers, have an internal debate only to Don the Clothes 20 minutes later and Hammer the Hills. Apparently the gruelling 32km only 37hours earlier wasn’t enough - lol. Dedicated, addicted or ludicrous?!? Have a great day friends, I’m off to get me a Hottie :)

June 15
Weighting underneath the starry moon lit sky, in the distance I hear Koalas grunting to my left and right. Next I hear a grunting noise about 10 meters in front of me and it gets louder and louder as another Koala approaches me. There’s a bend in the driveway so I didn’t see my furry little mate. But then the grunting stops … guess he realised, it wasn’t going to work - lol.

June 20
Another Magical Foggy Run this morning. Didn't see the city lights ... but I'm sure they paid their electricity bill - lol. Have a great day :) x

June 27
Just back from another peaceful early morning Run in the Hills with Bouncing Kangaroos, Screeching Possums and Grunting Koalas.  It's another hour yet before the sun will be up. 

June 28
... running bare with asics.  Loving the Trails through Morialta!

June 30
Woohoo, had a trio of Kangaroos bound across my running track this morning. Then got back home and heard a couple of Koalas grunting away up the top of the garden stairs. I walk up there, just to make sure they weren't two males fighting ... but no the male stopped and gave me an 'evil eye'. Hehehe, talk about feeling like a third wheel :)

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