March, 2011

Journal Entries
March 1
... is having a Kangaroo Morning. At 5.30am, heading out on the dirt track riding Vladimir, I passed the usual one not far from the gates. A few bends along, I came across a group of 3. So cute, following them bounding along in my headlight. Then on my way home, had to slow down as another decided to cross the road.

March 4
... finds it amusing how Instict takes over Logic ...
I was running this morning and almost tripped. Instinctually I turn around to see what it was . . . As if I could see anything at 5.30am :D

March 6
Decided to finish my run this morning with 5 sprint laps up the STEEP hill. Very hot and sweaty, muscles twitching. Yep it was exhausting and fun, well afterwards. A great way to start the day. Happy Sunday friends x

March 15
Faark was the first word to escape my mouth as I left my front door this morning to go on my early morning run and saw the starry sky this morning. The words glorious, majestic, magical and orgasmic followed not so closely behind. After my run I laid on my back in our coutyard until the stars faded and the afterglow subsided. I am so grateful that I have eyes to see the beauty in this world. :)

March 18
Happy Friday beautiful people, especially to my fellow rundorphin and rungasm junkies ;) x ♥

March 19
Did it, did it, did it. Blackhill at pre-dawn is beautiful. And the moons’ pearlescent rays on the sea … stunning

March 20
Heading to bed and secretly hoping that the current falling rain is around at 5am for my run bbwwwaaahhh ;)

March 30
It’s hard to beat ...  Working Out on your back, gazing up at the starry sky - glorious, glorious, glorious.  Wishing everyone a great day/night x :)

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