May, 2011

Journal Entries
May 2
 No moon light this morning, instead saw not 1 but 2 shooting stars!!! Was absolutely brilliant. Oh yeah, all good reasons why I'm up and out so early ♥♥♥ :)

May 5
Lots of wishing going on here this morning. I witnessed 5 shooting stars ... and today is the 5th of the 5th. Hehehe Curiousier and Curiouser.  Happy Thursday people x

May 6
Run done, Courtyard raked, Ironing and Washing done, Re-charged my Runlady {that's Walkman to everyone else - lol} now grabbing a hottie and heading out to the studio :)

May 12
Only 3 sleeps to go … before my 26km run debut.
Not sure if the word is excited, anxious or ludicrous. Without a doubt the sense of accomplishment in getting my booty over the finish line will be awesome making luxuriating in the bath afterwards so much sweeter :)

May 15
Woohoo, I did it and survived ... 26km Trail Run, over twice as long as I have ever run!!!  I'm currently dancing on the inside, 'cause it's too sore to do it on the outside - lol. The pain will pass but the sense of achievement last forever.  Hmm K9 is licking my leg ,eewww. I think I better get up and feed him. If he only knew what a Big ask that is - lol

Event: Pioneer Women’s Trail [26km] 2011
My result:- 3hr, 4min ... woohoo!
3rd female in my age group ... just a 'little' bit excited :D

May 16
The day after, I'm almost limber enough for a celebratory dance.  Not sure if it's a case of striking while the iron is hot or I just like pain, but I've registered for a 32km is 4 weeks time. These events are a great way to see vistas that the normal person doesn't. Thanks South Australian Road Runners Club :)

May 17
I love how the moon lights up the valley, then seeing it at the top of the hill is just wow. Yep I'm back into my 5am runs. Hope you all have a fab day x x

May 21
Booyah, 6.45am and just back from knocking out a 12.4km ... surely this deserves book time or a snooze time or both. But first a Green Tea with Lemon. Happy weekend people xo :)

May 22
Enjoying this book ... How to Run by Hugh Jones. He states that all those who run over a mile [1.61km] are called Long Distance Runners. I thought I had to wait until I did a Marathon [42.2km] before I got that title :D

May 23
There was no avoiding the Wet Tee Shirt Look on this morning’s run. What the mist missed the tree drips got. Loved it, especially the sounds from Happy Frogs.

May 26
I'm laying on my back Working Out with Weights at 5am this morning - as one does - and I see a possum walking along 3 meters up in the air followed closely by another. Sooo cute! If I didn't know they were tight rope scampering on an old powerline, I would be possum spooked :)

May 29
... is sore but it feels sooo good :)

May 30
Happy Anniversary to me!!!
Every morning for the last 365 days I’ve had my daily dose of Endorphins … Well done Self and May it looong Continue
Woo hoo :D

May 31
For my Endorphin Junky friends ...
Personally, last year when I'd opened the front door to leave at 5am to go on my run and it was raining and cold outside [especially during mid winter], I would just turn my music up and I never felt a thing ;)

... Music has amazing power over our minds and bodies, including during sports.

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