Month Three ...

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Journal Entries for August 2010.

August 3 - Only 4 more morning runs to Marble Hill then 10 days running by Sydney bay - woohooo!!! :)

August 4 - BIG first this morning. Met a guy walking his dog, so I'm not the only one who enjoys drizzle and fog - LOL.

August 5 - OMG! only 3 degrees at Mt Lofty ... no wonder I'm cold.

August 7 - Yes, yes, yes. My run tomorrow will be in Drummoyne. I’m excited BIG time! I’ll have to suss out a café to get my internets fix, but that’s OK. Oh yeah, Oh yeah, 10 days, 10days … I promise to calm down – sometime ;)

August 18 - I'm back and I’ve had TheBest* time!!! Coming from the driest state in the driest country <sigh> and seeing all that water is SO seductive. It almost makes putting up with 4 something million people in Sydney bearable - LOL. Now the cost of housing well now, that’s a different story. :)

August 19 - For the last 3 mornings, I've run in 3 different states ...
Happy, Excited and Thrilled ... hehehe. No I mean NSW, SA & Vic

August 21 - Had a great run this morning with sounds of water rushing and mystical fog. Our km driveway now resembles a creek bed, but that's OK :)

August 26 - Our 'creek bed' driveway is flowing steadily this morning :)

28 August - Just as I started with my gym circuit this morning up in the shed and the BIG kangaroo bounds out of the adjacent room ... How sweet!

31 August - ... every morning for the last 3 months - this edorphin thing is addictive!

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