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Journal Entries for November, 2010

November 2
Upped weights at gym ... needs massage NOW!!! oh pleeeaaassseee ;)

November 3
is addicted to the early morning run'dorphins ;)

November 9
oh yeah, off to Enjoy getting 'hot and sweaty' with a group of other people ... love, love, love BodyPump ;)

November 13
I swallowed my first bug this morning. No not ever, I mean in the 6 months that I've been running. So, I guess in a way I should be grateful ... and that it went down easily ... and that this morning was foggy ... hmm ... so all good really.  Wishing everyone has a great day :)

November 19
It felt sooo good!!! My feet have just been to heaven and back. New running shoes are amazing :)

November 20
"Love is in the air..." I heard several Koalas grunting away this morning within 500 mtrs of our cottage ... Wishing everyone a great day :D

November 24
... is about to enjoy an Afternoon Delight.  It's drizzling and foogy here and just begging to be run under. Gotta do it while you can this time of year :)

November 25
Argh, it's foggy and drizzling here this morning. Man if I didn't ENJOY <wink> getting hot and sweaty so much at the gym I would be doing it on the grey stuff (tarmac)

November 28
Oh yeah, high on rundorphins ... a great way to start the day :)

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