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Journal Entries for October, 2010

October 7
Pumping iron this morning ... love, love, love :)

October 9
Wishes everyone a wonderful day! Mine started this morning with an enjoyable run by star-light, then later classess etc in my shop. What do you have planned? :)

October 11
We were running towards each other this morning at day break. like star crossed lovers. Then, when you were about a meter away from me, you turned and bounded a couple of times up the nearest tree. Stopping, we gazed into each others eyes and I imagined running my fingers through your soft fur. “Have a great day,” I called as I continued homeward. Such an adorable Koala ... Gotta love hills living :)

October 12
... is off to Enjoy Fitness gym

October 12
Drizzly rain, you are always welcomed on my run. Wind, hmmm no hard feelings, but blowing from behind works best ;)

October 25
My first TrailRun Event: BlackHill Challenge
Result:- 12.5km in 1hr.32min

October 26
Loves running in the fresh cool dark mornings with the light of the big round white glowing thing in the sky  - psst it's a Full Moon.

October 28,
Just loves my Body Pump early in the morning ... check out Enjoy Fitness

October 30
Delightful drizzles was my constant running companion this morning … always a pleasure ;)

Only 4km to go - gawd it's a long way!

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