October, 2011

Journal Entries
4 October
Early morning run and weights plus some weeding done, now it's off to my studio for some other kind of FUN!

5 October
Didn't do the run thing at 5am, as it was my weights morning. BUT it's 3.5hours later and still foggy and drizzily and just begging to be Run though. Bwwwhhha, I'm on my way.

9 October
Spent the last hour underneath the Starry Sky, Pumping Iron, Stretching and Dancing with my favourite Man singer. Actually most of the stars were hiding under the cloud cover, but still, a great way to start the day!
10 October
The stars stayed under the clouds again this morning, but the run was great as always. Off to grab a RootTea and contemplate the Domestics thing.
14 October
Well, off to climb 600 stairs this afternoon with other Like Minded *insert word here* Friends. Made me think of a new category for Double Jeopardy ... Things that are Dopey - hehe.  
15 October
Another Moon and Starless run this morning with the feel of the soft mist on my forehead and cheeks. Only met 1 Kangaroo that gave me the willies though - lol - and another just stood there, just out of arms reach munching grass. Truely magical.  Ahh, 21km of Hills and Dales done before 8.18am - wonderful wonderful wonderful. Now it's TubTime.

18 October
Don’t you just love it when you surprise yourself!?!  I ran 1km in 5min.26sec. And that was after 2km of up hill. Yeah, I won't break anyone's record, just my own and that is all that counts.  On my way back I heard Close Grunting - no it wasn’t me. The source was from a fury friend on the ground sharing the track in front of me. It was so neat being less than arms distance away and looking into those eyes. As I passed, I didn’t feel the urge to pat the Koala though, as I value my appendages.
21 October 
An absolutely beautiful magical run this morning.  12.4km of heavy fog pratically all the way. It's like having front seats at Natures Peep show.
22 October
… is no longer a Kick Boxing virgin - hehe.  I had my first ever session this morning. It was a great WorkOut, but I think I’m too much of a pacifist to throw punches and kicks.
26 October
Trail Run done around Moriatla Falls by 6.40am ... wonderful wonderful wonderful.
28 October
Made another 12km Deposit into my Healthy Life bank account this morning and I also beat my PB on a 1km dash.
31 October
... has a Hot Toosh and Toasty Quads, Hehe.  That's what lunges and squats do.

Info and Photos comming, as soon as the internet decides to PlayNice and upload faster than a snail on crutches - grrr!

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