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Journal Entries for September, 2010

September 4
My title for this mornings run ... The Wet Tee-Shirt Look ... enough said.

September 9
I've achieved 101 consecutive running mornings - woohoo. The gods decided to mark this memorable occasion with mystical thick fog and drizzling rain with the bonus of sheet lightning. Wow, thanks universe :)

September 14
In the words of ABBA “… you thrill me, you delight me, you please me, you excite me…”  Teehee may be not quite with the same emotional intensity, but I do love running in fog, and this morning was another magical moment. Have a GREAT day everyone! :)

September 16
Woohoo, 2 more runs 'til the big one  - my childhood goal of running in an event  :)

September 21
Woohoo off to the gym. Familar faces plus a workout with loud music - oh yeah, bring it on!!! :)

September 21
Woohoo, my Official Time Result for the City to Bay Run ... ran 12kms in 1:14.21 …that’s just over 74minutes!!! Oh yeah, LOTS of dancing going on.

September 25
On my way back from my run, I disrupted a fox trying to have his way with the chooks. I’m sure the girls were grateful :)

September 26
I so prefer doing it before day break … this time I am actually looking forward to daylight saving :)

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