September, 2011

Journal Entries
2 September
2h10m running around in the hills, Up and Down dales - a great way to start the day :) 

4 September
Didn't set to, it just happened LOL, that in the last 4 days I've run approx 80km. Thinking that I may just do a couple 12kms in the next 5 days before the 22km training run on Saturday for the Yurrebilla Trail 56km Ultra in a 21 days time :)

4 September
 ‎"Shit" is what you say at 6am when you come running around a corner on a Trails track and almost run into a 6' Kangaroo ... ... ...
Ok may be it's just me - lol.
6 September
Did a 'Quickie' this morning ... Yep only did a 12.4km run compared to a near 30km two days ago. Was so nice getting back Before Dawn!  Haven't done that for a wee while :)
8 September
 ... over TheHilll and around TheBend 3 times before dawn

10 September
Absolutely enjoyed a 22.5km this morning - the last section of the training for Yurrebilla Trail 56km Ultra coming up in a couple of weeks. Now devouring a reward I bought for myself a couple of days ago ... Dark Chocolate Coated Oranges. And you thought I run for the Endorphins ... ... ... yeah ok, I do really :)
12 September
Wore another 20km off my runners this morning. Came back via ascending Chapman’s Track and literally had to stop as two large Roos bounded across in front of me.  Mental note to self:- Even the Wildlife don't go UP Chapman’s Track!
12 September
Yay, just bought me a brand name top to go running in. Figured after nearly 16months, yeah I'm a runner - lol.
14 September
I realize I have a 16km run in less two and a half hours and I understand that it will push me over my said limit of 70km week Run Total but, there was meant to be a Fullish Moon this morning that begged to be run under and I Did only do 12.4kms .... Actually it was fog practically all the way and besides, what’s an extra 19kms between friends, right?!? :)
14 September
Did the first section of Yurrebilla Trail 56km Ultra earlier today basically to get familiar with the track. After this morning's 5am run, there was only a couple of times I wished Scotty, or anyone for that matter, to Beam Me Up - lol.

15 September
Big 'Thanks for Asking' to my son Matthew Newman for asking me yesterday "How was the run?" xox :)
17 September
Having withdrawals ... not a fan of Taper :/
17 September
You know when You're a Runner when ... the only ironing you do is your Running Gear - lol - I ironed it because it's the first running top I have ever purchased.  Trust me, it won't get ironed again!   :)
17 September
Legs massaged and ready for tomorrow :)
18 September
Shaved a modest 4 min off last years Event: City to Bay time. Happy with that :)
19 September
Did a shortie this morning ... an 8km part of the Yurrebilla Trail 56km Ultra track and I feel only half done - lol. Time for some HIITs :)
20 September
5 more sleeps 'til the BIG event! - Yurrebilla - woohoo
20 September
Just flicking thru the paper with the results of last Sunday's Adelaide City to Bay Fun Run. Congrats to All, we deserve to be Proud of Ourselves :D
"Running isn't about how far you go but how far you've come. The reward is living the lifestyle and embracing the journey. It's not only about finishing, it's about moving forward." ~ Bart Yasso
22 September
Goose Bumpy stuff ... 3 days to go!
"There are always many tears at a Yurrebilla finish. All part of the exhaustion and exhilaration of finishing. All part of Mere Mortals becoming Ultra Marathoners."
23 September
Yesterday was a ‘Nervous Goose Bumpy Holy Crap, How Far Am I Running on Sunday?’ kind of morning. Currently it’s a ‘Booyeah, Can’t Wait, Bring It On,’ kind of morning. But it could be just the Endorphins speaking from my Up and Down Hill 5km run this morning. O well, time to wash my Running Stuff for the last time until AFTER Sunday.
25 September
is now an Utlra Marathon Runner - woot!!!
The run went well, thanks for asking. Got to most Drink Stations with 10min or so to spare in order to finish in 8.30hrs. But at the 42.2km Drink Station started to slow down. Not sure what time I finished as I was too excited and YaYing - lol - that I only glanced and the official big clock and forgot to stop my own stop watch - duh. Quite sure it under 9hr, think around 8.45. Yes very happy! Especially that it will only be 16months in 5 days since I started this Running Gig :)
27 September
Took our BlackLab for a 3km walk on our patch of ground and it felt great to put The Shoes back on again after Sunday :)
29 September
... is pumped and pooped. Legs, your turn in 11.5 hours - bbwwwhhaaa
30 September
Well my 16month Anniversary of running is certainly going to be a memorable one. 21km of pouring rain! On the way back, the weather even managed a flash of lightning and a growl of thunder. When I had my warm shower … I didn’t bother undressing first - lol.

Info and Photos comming, as soon as the internet decides to PlayNice and upload faster than a snail on crutches - grrr!

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