November, 2011

Journal Entries
1 November
Only came across 10 Kangaroos on my run this morning. One cutie stayed still on the track until I was only 1m away. Even then he practically just moved slightly so I could get past - hehe. Lurve living in the Hills :)

3 November
Certainly smashed after 7km Start/Stop Sprints in the hills this morning, a Rooted Runner hahaha. Now enjoying the Encompassing Excellent Endorphins :)

7 November
Monday's Must Do List…. HIITS by Sunrise [done], Studio Work, Turn on KILN GOD and Getting My Leg Over - very happy.

8 November
A fast 5km at 5am this morning in my new Five Finger Foot wear ... Fabulous :)

10 November
Mind, Body and Soul stimulated and nourishised by 6.45am, with the aid of a 12km easy run :)

12 November
Such Eye Candy on this morning's 7km run along the Hills' back, with a beautiful Full Moon on one side and a stunning Sunrise on the other.

14 November
Planned on running only 7km this morning, but I've been soo good I rewarded myself with an extra 5km :)

15 November
I have renamed HIIT [High Intense Interval Training] to ... GRQ [GettingRootedQuickly] hahaha Yep currently feeling absolutely stufffed - lol

16 November
A Koala up in the tree was my silent cheer squad as I ran my intervals this morning.  Woohoo, I did a PB on my 1km dash.

17 November
A perfect way to end after Working Out underneath the glorious Moon Beams ... eating delicious Cherries straight off your own Trees - yummo yummo yummo.

18 November
An easy 12km run in the hills to welcome in another wonderful day, what more could a girl want. Well, let's start with a shower.

22 November
Doncha just love to do something new each day?!? I do, and did with this morning Margot Saites and Sonya Conrad. We a great run - about a 13km round trip - along Chambers Gully to Long Ridge Lookout and back. Ah, perfect weather and company too. Thanks for showing me the trails xox.

25 November
'twas a Wet T Shirt run this morning.  Actually that is not completely true because with the humidity earlier I ddn't wear a T Shirt, just the bare essentials - hehehe.

28 November
Thoroughly enjoyed the WorkOut this morning ... or was it the fresh cherries afterwards - hehe.

29 November
I soo enjoyed getting Hot and Sweaty in Morialta's Backyard this morning and my Vibrams did too. Dear Morialta Garden Keepers, would you like to borrow our Brushcutter.

Info and Photos comming, as soon as the internet decides to PlayNice and upload faster than a snail on crutches - grrr!

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