SA Trail Championships [24km] 2012

Bright and early on a Sunday morning in April,  we gathered in the Cleland Car park and listened to last minute instructions.

The time came and we were off to conqueror these Trails, each to our own distance and pace.  Some for 12km, others for the full distance; some entered as walkers and the rest as runners.

Amazing views, confirms a BIG reason why I do what I do. 

Just over half way, I'm thinking that only doing the 12km may have been a wise choice.  Especially now that my Self-Inflicted session of Squats and Lunges, two days earlier, was really beginning to be a pain in the Hamies and Quads.

It was great to see the markers as the kms were counting down, but I was a little peeved when I came to the 24km and no finish line in sight.  What, I was sure it was only meant to be 24km.  Thank God it was  o n l y  another 750meters!  I was stuffed, but I got there :)

Woohoo, I came 3rd in my Age Group - not that I care.  The imense satisfaction of Finishing these Events ... now that makes it all worth while!

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