Sea to Summit to Sea [100km]

“More people have climbed Mt Everest than have run 100 km.” When I first heard that quote mid last year, I decided to be a 100kmer. With a few months out of October’s Heysen 105 [km] there was a chance to reach that status but I chickened out felt as I thought it was a bit too close so I decided to wait and run the Heyson 105 [km] in October 2013. But, as so often with running, things change.

I do my best to avoid the sun by running at either 4 or 5am in the mornings. And running in an Event in Summer, especially because they all start around 8am, well to me is just silly.

In the first week of each year (Summer, here in Australia) there is an annual 35km Event called Summit to Sea. An Event that normally I would not even contemplate running but a few crazies – term of endearment - decided to organise a 66km, all night run from the beach to the Summit to meet up with this annual run. Thus an Event Sea to Summit to Sea was created

It was to be a social group run until we reach the Summit, when the faster ones to go off at their own pace. 11.5hours was allowed to complete this first 66km leg and with the 35km Event run, at distance of 101km in total, I decided to put aside my prejudice of the sun so I could reach this 100km status sooner than later.

My current running pace isn't fast and in the true Spirit of Running Terry would purposely drop back and stay with me and Stirl, who was running with a knee injury.

Well at 40km, Stirl pulls out and he and I plan that he meets me at the Summit so we could make the decent together.

Up and over Blackhill in the dark, Terry and Doug take it in turns so I’m not left on my own. As Terry and I get closer to Mt.Lofy, Terry goes on ahead to give last minute instructions to the fresh runners about to start the Summit to Sea event.

I get there about 7.20am, meet Stirl and together we head to the sea. It’s been almost 12hours since starting, and I was slowing down. We organised to collect the Trail markers on our way back which we knew was going to slow us down even more. But that was Ok as time was secondary to the distance.

We get through Belair NP and my hip was really starting to seize up. Not too surprised as it’s been close to 17hours! Stirl and I decide that a massage may help to loosen things up, so we find a shady spot with some grass, easier said than done in the middle of summer, and with Stirl's help I lay on my side. Omg, the pain getting down was horrid. But once down he gently massages my hip which hurts more! So I suggest he stops and with even more pain, he helps me to stand up. The pain was worse than child bearing!

Still hanging onto Stirl, I say I feel really dizzy and black out. I wake up and realise that I’m on the ground. My first thought was how fantastic it was to be back on the ground and not in pain. Stirl has placed his pack under my head and is trickling water into my mouth. I have a gel and we shared a fruit bar. Slowly I’m helped back up and together and move on for about 1km knowing that there is a park with water.

Thankfully a Drink Station had been left here. So we topped up our Hydra packs with filtered water and plastered on the sunscreen. I went to the loos and pretty much drenched my top, head and calves with water cooling my body temp by heaps. Stirl did the same and we headed again, moving really Slowly and Gently. The pain was now much like labour pains, bearable but relentless as we travelled those hills and descents.

Suffice to say I reached my goal just after 7pm that night, so virtually 24 hours in total.

Three days later while recovering, I checked the maps closely and realized that the kms we had covered had only brought me to the mid nineties!

So 6 days after that, I marked out a trail course close to home and Stirl and I started all over again and did 100km! Suffice to say that 3x Out and Backs over Blackhill was a Hugh effort.

Besides meeting the 100km, one of the treasured high-lites was eating a Peanut Butter sandwich at 4.30am while laying on our backs gazing up at the stars at the base of Black Hill ... Absolute Magic!

Well, in October this year with the Heysen 105 event, I could make it an Official 100km but for now I am very Very satisfied with being a 100km Ultra gal - booyeah.

Photo Gallery.
-with some photos borrowed from friends- 

Dawn on Black Hill

Dawn on Black Hill

Dawn on Black Hill

Dawn on Black Hill

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