Yurrebilla, out and back.

In March 2015 after running Yurrebilla at night, Karen planted the seed that our next crazy run should be to run Yurrebilla, still at night but this time in reverse by starting at Athelstone. This idea got me thinking that since Stirl and I usually ran the Yurrebilla training runs as Out and Backs, why not use the proposed idea and when we get to the end, turn around straight away and run it all again.
Well the collective subconscious mind of Crazies of the Night was working well because in June this year I received an email that Karen had an idea of a double Yurrebilla, so of course Stirl and I were in without hesitation.
With having run Yurrebilla 3 times now in 3 weeks - one solo each and now a back to back, Stirl and I figure that is enough until the actual Yurrebilla Trail 56 KM Ultra event in September. And then it will be in Kym Williams words, "What, only one way?" 
Thank you so much for Daryl and Feebee for supporting Crazies of the Night.

112km in less than 24hrs, done and dusted!

Photo taken by Daryl, obviously before we started.


Halfway -  just another 56km to go
city views
I've never seen echidnas these colours before

Done and dusted

Our support ... Daryl and Feebee

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