The Beginning of an Endorphin Junkie

In Primary School I made a promise to myself that one day I would participate in a Running Event. 

In High School we never had a Sports Ovals as such, so a couple of times a week our class would don their P.Ed clothes and head down to a public oval about a kilometer away. Only a few of us students would run the distance. I was one of these and I loved it!

A few years ago now I saw a photo of my cousin, Linda Carter having run the 2009 City to Bay, so I decided to join her the following year. But unfortunately she was killed in a car accident in Feb 2010, so I decided then to train for the September 2010 City to Bay and run in her memory. 

Thus I started running daily 30 May, 2010. I felt satisfied in achieving my Primary School Goal until a dear High School friend, Sonya Conrad introduced me into TrailRunning which, I just Lurve! Thanks Sonya :)

Now I keep up my fitness daily and occasionally I keep a record of what I do, which is for basically for FuN, plus it's helps to keep me motivated.
Journal Entries
* On my run this morning, met our local 6 foot kangaroo.

* Enjoyed running this morning in the cool & overcast. And to top it off met mum and her joey. The joey only stayed for a glance before bouncing away, but mum stayed and cheered for a lap.... how supportive :)

* Foxy and I almost ran into each other this morning - lol. As She ;) turned and ran, the movements were so fliud like and graceful with her gorgeous bushy tail gliding behind. Lovely to watch. A great way to start another beautiful day... Have a good one all!

* Fog (low cloud) on our hills vista this morning's joy. Rain Shadows on the running track this morning's pure delight. But but,  the +++ this morning was the wild life ... 5 Kangaroos bounding along the track also and two Koalas in the trees cheering me on, hahaha they were grunting really. I love living the the hills - can you tell?

* I love hearing the choruses of the native birds in the morning as they welcome each glorious sunrise. It's a great way to start my run ... thanks universe!

* I surprised Mr 6' Kangaroo this morning as I was heading out for my run. He was close to the courtyard having breakfast. He looked up with grass hanging either end of his mouth. Obviously had been caught in the rain, his fur was 'spikey' ... so sweet! Note to self ... must take camera

* I met the 2 wandering sheep on the running track this morning - LOL

* Loved running in the rain this morning.

30 May 2010
Enjoyed the run to Marble Hill :)

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