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Journal Entries for January, 2011

January 1
I karaoked 'til 2am. Up at 5am and went for run. With a catch up on domestics, it's 8am ish and time for a cuppa and a read ... or perhaps a nap. Choices, choices :)

January 14
Another mystical, magical run this morning, fog all the way ;)

January 16
Bwwwhhhaaa, just loaded my new Sony Walkman up and oh yeah, it's GOOD!!! Wildlife, I'll try not sing too loudly at 5am tomorrow on my run :D

January 21
I set out for my run at 4.45am - loved it :)

January 29
WooHoo, for something different, instead of my normal run at 5am I christened my "JUST DANCE2" for an hour, and then did Body Test thing. My Wii Fit age is 27!!! Just between you and me that's - 22 years off my real age. Regular exercise certainly pays off. This calls for a celebratory dance!!! :D

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