Black Hill Challenge [12km] 2010

Having completed my Childhood goal of running in an event [City to Bay 2010] and feeling very satisfied, a few days later I caught up with a High School in my shop.  Sonya, who has been running for several years, told me about Trail Running and of this approaching Event.

It too was a 12km distance, well and .5km extra, but as it is run on Dirt instead of the Road, I thought I'd give it a go.

Whenever I run from my front door, it's a steady incline of 2kms BUT this climb was unbelievable!

This Trail Event took me longer than the 12km on the road [City to Bay] but I really did enjoy it more!
Result:- 1hr.32min
Black Hill Elevation.
So glad I didn't see this until AFTER.

Ugh, 4kms to go.

Photo: Lachlan Miller

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