Sea to Summit [32km] 2011

Now why did I sign up for this?!?  It's 8km longer than my last Event. 
Ok, so I was up for the challenge.  The elevation of 1.4km was un- imaginable but the the run, now that it's over was incredable. 

We were running though Conservation Parks, cris-crossing creeks and oodles of single tracks - my favourite.  It was the best!

Mind you the last 300m was the hardest.  I guess because my legs were exhausted but I did the most unforgivable thing ever ... I stopped.

Not that I had much of a choice.  You see, Mt.Lofty Summit where we were headed is a very popular place and to get to it there are stairs leading up to the road that we cross to make the final ascent. 

Thus, I had to stop on the step due to conguestion.  But damn it felt good.  I could have set up house on that step.  It was the first time I had stopped in the whole Event. 

Starting was hard!  So much so I said to a fellow RunBuddy, who had couaght up to me," Go one with out me, save yourself..."

On apporaching the finish line, I had a passing thought of making a run for it but no, I was STUFFED.

The drink of orange juice up the top was SO nice and after 30mins I felt fine.  Our car was parked about 1.5km away down the hill at Cleland.  I have to say that walking the distance really helped with recovering. 

The next day I felt great!  So much, that I have registered for Yurrebilla 56km Ultra Marathon, in 5 months time.  How weird is that - hehe.

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